Friday, June 3, 2011

The Belly- 33 weeks!

 Time is flying and I feel like a blimp, but I have been blessed with a great pregnancy so far and I am excited to welcome our little guy into the world in about (let us hope) 7 weeks! It is HOT HOT HOT and humid here and I cannot stop sweating! Thank goodness for the AC!
We were so very very fortunate to recieve (FOR FREE!) a nursery set. Our new dresser, change table and crib were given to us by our wonderful neighbors across the street. I am so thankful!! The room is really starting to come together and today I have dedicated most of my time to catching up on blogging, and finishing my home made wall art! Pics are coming!! I should also announce that my Husband, daughter and I, have finally decided on a name for our little man...Parker Joseph!

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