Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Diaries- 30 days later!

Its been about a month since we tilled the garden and I officially still know NOTHING about gardening, Im trying though! Its been just over 3 weeks since I weeded my garden, laid compost and planted my seeds. So far my radishes and my pumpkins are the strongest growers. The Radishes sprouted within a week! I need to add some sort of trellis to the beans because they are already getting a little tall :) Ive been hearing from neighbors that it is extremely hard to grow anything here. The Squirrels eat and take everything, same with the birds. Ants are a serious problem too I guess! they are everywhere and I don't know how to kill them without hurting my plants. I heard Borax in a jar lid mixed with sugar might work but I tried it and it killed them all in the that doesn't really solve my problem. I have been encouraging a couple little toads to stay in my garden, its been way too hot to work out there the last week but today looks a little cooler out so I will probably try and build him a house. I know little miss wolf spider is still there too so at least I have some good bug eaters on my side.  I also need to find a way to keep the squirrels away once everything starts to grow. I read that mint keeps them at bay and so does cayenne pepper. I planted the Cayenne, but I have yet to plant the mint. Im a little worried about my spinach, its been so hot and I read the spinach is more of a cooler climate plant.  We will see!

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