Friday, June 3, 2011

Cloth diapering 101- My stash :)

 7 weeks to go and I feel like I have enough diapers...sort of. I think it is one of those things where I have to admit to myself that I am just addicted to cloth diapers. I have not even started using them and I already feel like I need more! haha..oh well, I have to stop at some point. So far my stash consists of one size pockets, prefolds, flats and covers. I have a couple Aplix (hook and loop) one size pockets, but most of my cloth diapers are snaps. The Brands I went for with my one size pockets are, Bum Genius 4.0, Dinkledooz, Kawaii, Sunbaby and Coolababy. I have one Happy Heiny and one fuzzibunz diaper. When I first started looking into cloth diapering I was sold on Fuzzibunz and I would have happily made my entire purchase with those. Now that I have read soo soo many reviews and watched so many reviews on Bum Genius VS Fuzzibunz,  I felt like (for me personally)  BG were the way to go. I am interested to see which ones truly hold up..and I am really hoping I am not too disappointed with any of my second hand puchases, like the Sunbaby's... I have 12 of those and I would hate to get rid of the bulk of my stash. 

For my covers, I have a couple thirsties wraps and a flip. I also Bought a few Best Bottom diapers that I will use as Diaper covers at first, they size quite a bit smaller than the others so I am hoping these will fit him sooner. I also have a few Bummies wraps that I got from a garage sale, they are newborn size and hook and loop. I bought one Newborn Rumparooz cover. I was hoping to buy one more, but we will see how my budget looks in a month! I bought the Bummies organic cotton prefolds, Gerber organic prefolds (from babies R us) and I THINK I have Imagine unbleached prefolds, but I can't remember! As for doublers, Hemp Babies have excellent reviews so I have a few of those. I also got a couple Hemp Babies Flats. I will have to do a review on all of my diapers and my doublers once our little Parker gets here! :)  

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